Egzakta Advisory is a unique and modern consulting company focused on strategy, technology, and business operations transformation.

We are advisors, analysts, engineers, and financial experts, who are primarily focused on people.

We help companies realize their most ambitious projects and build new opportunities.


Personal relationship with our clients

Our teams respond quickly and do what is appropriate for our clients, which makes us more personal and agile than traditional consulting firms. We truly wish to help you cope with your greatest challenges and turn your vision into reality.

As far as Egzakta is concerned, this is not just about an ongoing project. This is about building trust and facilitating your long-term success. We get to know you where you are at the moment, bring our people together with yours, and share our skills at every step of the way.

We started by doing things differently. Instead of forcing a career by the up-or-out principle, we offered stability and learning by doing. An opportunity to love both your job and your life. Prioritize family and work on high-impact projects with companies in your community.

Investing in people. Investing in communities. Investing in the success of our clients. That was the idea. And today, our clients include some of the best companies across the region, as well as startup companies, non-profits and innovative organizations of all kinds.



We are aware that understanding program needs is key to providing the right solution for our clients. One size does not fit all, and asking the right questions is key to understanding our clients' current "as is" condition.


The moment we recognize and understand our client's needs, we start to detail the questions of "what", what is the right solution for solving business needs and "how,", how to implement the proposal. "Being there" for the client means minimal interruptions in the client's business continuity and minimal impact on resources.


After the successful solution implementation, we focus on monitoring and managing the client. Our process is based on continuous monitoring and improvement, which allows us to continuously evaluate, improve, and manage.


During the implementation of the chosen solution, we will be vigilant and ready for any potential difficulties and show you how you can overcome them. Consulting is much more than giving one-time advice.

Core values

Our core values are actively integrated into everything we do. Each value reminds us to stay true to ourselves as we achieve outstanding results for our clients.

  • Always do what is right
  • Connecting sectors and teamwork
  • Encourage passion and a positive atmosphere
  • Take responsibility. Do it
  • Celebrate innovation
  • Focus on results
  • Stimulate growth
  • Stay humble and curious
  • Build and shape a better future
  • Smile