We know your industry and share ideas, methodologies, and knowledge from various industry sectors.

Financial services

We collaborate with leaders in banking and insurance to develop and launch new operational models, identify and monetize new sources of revenue, and gain more value from their investments in technology.

The financial services industry faces revolutionary and unforeseen economic, competitive, and regulatory challenges. We work with market leaders and emerging players as they transform uncertainty and strive for growth. We can help you innovate before problems arise, win your most critical competitive battles, and provide the seamless, integrated experience users expect.

Food and beverages

We work with some of the region's largest food and beverage companies to help them update their processes and products and satisfy customers in new and surprising ways. We also work on top-ranking projects, including marketing, sales, and sales efficiency, and on bottom-line projects, such as optimizing the cost of goods sold (COGS), profitability and purchase.

Hospitality and recreation

From hotels to airlines and ski resorts, we help hospitality and recreation companies use technology, analytics, and organizational efficiency to show customers how much they know and value them. This is what makes their users feel at home.

Media and entertainment

The media and entertainment industry is changing rapidly. The expansion of digital platforms and new virtual experiences are changing the habits of watching television, and the ever-increasing churn is disrupting the industry and driving change, innovation, and consolidation.

Clients in the media and entertainment industry count on us for our expertise in the digital industry, consumer experience, digital media supply chain, data architecture, marketing strategy, technology, business operations, and many other areas.

Non-profit organizations

We help organizations that strengthen their communities to manage their projects, budgets, and people better. Our consultants often say that their most significant projects are those which positively impact their communities. So there are many non-profit organizations in our ever-growing client base - we help them expand their reach and ability in order to thrive better in the world.

Public sector

Our public sector team helps government and educational institutions improve their service provision experience and build better relationships with citizens and students.

We have extensive knowledge in various public sector areas, including public safety, pension systems, transportation, higher education, and many other areas.

Real estate

We work with leading real estate companies to review their operational models, user experiences, spaces, applications, and data, and help them move towards a more modern future.

Smart construction technology is becoming more sophisticated every day. As a result, real estate organizations need to work harder and faster as they find new ways to connect supply and demand using office, retail, industrial and residential assets.

Egzakta is here to help. Our experts work with leading real estate organizations to update legacy platforms and processes and work smarter and faster. From strategy and organization design to analytics and cutting-edge technologies, we will help you build skills, mediate new relationships and negotiate to ensure more offers.


Customer expectations are growing. We help sellers meet them. Sellers struggle to find, understand and connect with customers. We work side by side with our clients to help transform their organizations into seamless, omnichannel, customer-oriented businesses; find the best way to launch (or relaunch) a channel or market; improve the flow of information and products around suppliers, stores, and customers; and expand their business into new markets.

Our retail solutions come from our experience and expertise in various business disciplines, including customer engagement, products and innovation, as well as strategy and business. We will work with you on a tailor-made design, on integrated strategies to retain existing and attract new customers.

High tech

Leading technology companies trust us, and we help them with their technology, strategy, and transformation initiatives. Together we design, develop, test, build and manage solutions that enable them to shape the future.


Telecommunications around the world are rapidly transforming. Changing technology, and, especially, changing business models, constantly put challenges before this industry. If you are the only major, i.e. dominant, mobile or landline telephone operator, we assist you in your strategic moves, especially in moving to market strategies and targeting operational models. Our extensive experience in consulting and managing large telecommunications companies in the region provides you with the insight you need to implement changes in your business. We have operationally helped the best to be where they are, and telecommunications is one of our strongest practices in Egzakta.

Utilities and energy

From oil and gas to electricity and renewables, we help regional utility and energy companies improve their business, connect their people at different locations and increase efficiency globally.


Putting people first from day one is what sets us apart from others. We at Egzakta offer continuous learning and improvement, diversity, fulfillment, and stability. Work with the top companies in the region, stay up to date with the latest technology, show the strength of your skills in the industries and establish the right balance between traveling and office work.

We attract the best in the business. People from companies, consulting agencies, and startup companies - all are focused on building a career that is both exciting and sustainable.