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Faster, more efficient, more reliable access to key resources


Full synchronisation of all parties in the supply chain is a prerequisite for its efficiency and fulfilment of consumer needs. Globalisation, uncertainty, post-pandemic changes and shorter product life cycles make this goal increasingly challenging.

Egzakta Advisory approaches supply chain strategy focusing on the future, quick reactions, and responses to challenges so clients can prosper, be competitive and be market leaders. We strive for maximum efficiency with flexibility, readiness for challenges, and quick decision-making.

Partner for your key challenges

Our cross-functional approach achieves effective supply chain management with precise tools for analysing key strategic and operational points.

Understanding customer needs is key. Through redefining opportunities, segmentation, and portfolio optimisation, we create conditions for better decisions on capacity, inventory planning and cooperation with suppliers.

Whether the goal is comprehensive transformation or changes in individual segments, Egzakta Advisory is a reliable partner in the evolution of the supply chain.

Our approach is designed to generate impressive results through profit improvements, cost reduction, improved service levels, inventory optimisation and customer satisfaction.

Key activities for long-term success are:

  • Design and implementation of operational solutions to achieve coordination within the chain and manufacturing operations with a product portfolio that is commercially and operationally optimised.
  • Digitising operations and introducing analytics to fundamentally rethink and innovate manufacturing and supply chain operations across all key steps.
  • Transformation of production processes with the help of digital diagnostics, plant transformation, order management, maintenance of production resources and economical storage, leading to better productivity.
  • Identifying gaps and building key skills and capabilities to implement faster changes that are sustainable in the long term.
  • Fulfillment of quality standards through benchmarking and quality strategy development, which will achieve competitive advantage and transformation of the product life cycle.
  • Implementation of supply chain 4.0 - digital and autonomous process. Through such a digitally connected ecosystem and the possibility of real-time monitoring, lower costs, lower inventories, and smaller sales losses are achieved


Our Experts

Our team of supply chain experts develop personalised solutions for the specific challenges that clients face. Knowledge of modern principles of planning, procurement, production, and distribution allows us to design and implement an efficient and resilient supply chain adapted to the needs of each organisation.

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