Digital Transformation
Overcoming the challenges of digital transition


Changes do not happen overnight but must be gradual, cost-effective, and sustainable. That is why in digital transformation, you should focus on measurable results that improve business in the long term.

Changes do not happen overnight but must be gradual, cost-effective, and sustainable. That is why in digital transformation, you should focus on measurable results that improve business in the long term.

Partner for your key challenges

We help clients see what digital transformation means for their organisation. Together we overcome challenges and enable the company to maximise the potential of digital technologies.

An adequate strategy allows business scaling with proper organisation and directing all initiatives towards a common goal. 

Our role is to be a reliable partner in every phase of digital transformation - from strategy through implementation, all the way to sustainability and continuous improvement. The process itself entails the following:

  • Implementation of activities through identification and prioritisation 
  • Improvement of employees through talent development and building digital skills 
  • Transformation of the way of working and construction of a sustainable operating model through the adoption of an agile approach 
  • Technology transformation 
  •  Change in the organisation of the company in the form of responsibility of each part separately (commitment should come from the top, but it is necessary to include all levels in the organisation)

Regardless of the activity, companies face similar challenges as they move on their digital transformation journey. We bring an execution-oriented mindset with deep operational expertise – making digital transformation real.

The customer's journey to digital transformation follows the following flow:

  • 1.


  • 2.


  • 3.


  • 4.



  • We think digital transformation is essential, but we do not know what it means for us
  • We think we are lagging behind the competition, but we are not sure
  • We are willing to start experimenting, but we do not know how


  • We want to learn from digital companies, we are thinking about transformation, but we do not know how to do it
  • Our internal processes and culture do not seem to match innovation
  • One part of the team is involved, but we are struggling to get support in other sectors as well


  • We have realistic initiatives, but we do not know how they will contribute to our strategy
  • We observe the results of best practices


  • We are good at generating ideas, but we struggle with introducing radical innovations
  • We need to understand the entire portfolio of projects and get better at execution
  • We're ready to move on to the next stage, but we are not sure what it is

To successfully reach the transformation phase without delay, the Egzakta Advisory team creates strategies tailored to each client's unique needs, context, and goals.
To implement the digital transformation, we have defined 5 key segments of the strategic approach:

  1. Analysis of the current state - a deeper understanding and insight into the current digital state of the client
  2. Market analysis - Current situation and potential opportunities for the client
  3. Digital business model - Defining the client's business model with the highest potential and the revenue models that will be aligned with it
  4. Digital operating model - An operating model is defined in line with the client's capabilities
  5. Implementation plan and list of initiatives - Everything is needed to achieve the desired state of digital transformation with a precise time to implement all ideas, initiatives, and defined strategies

With our approach, the transformation phase is successfully reached without delay.


Our Experts

Every company has unique needs, so Egzakta Advisory consultants focus on adapting solutions to each client's needs. Meet the experts who will guide you on the path of successful digital transformation with their knowledge and skills.


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