A clear goal without a defined road map can easily lead to bad business decisions. That is why a business plan that describes the details of the business through financial, marketing, and operational strategies is crucial in providing information to potential investors, creditors, partners, and other stakeholders to achieve long-term success.

Depending on the goals and needs of the business itself, there are several different types of business plans:

  • An initial business plan that outlines the business concept, target market, financial projections and marketing and operational strategies of the new business
  • A business growth plan that describes the steps the company will take to expand and grow its existing business
  • An internal business plan that companies use to manage their internal operations and make decisions
  • A strategic business plan that defines the company's long-term goals and strategies for achieving them
  • A business feasibility plan that assesses the feasibility of a new business idea or venture, including market and competition analysis
  • An operational business plan that describes the company's day-to-day operations, including details of the production process, personnel, and logistics
  • Non-profit business plan that describes non-profit organisations' mission, programs, funding sources and financial projections

Partner for your key challenges

Egzakta Advisory team is the ideal partner when creating a business plan due to the provision of expert guidance and support during the planning process. We work with clients to clarify their goals, conduct market research and analysis, and develop realistic financial projections. In addition, we can provide valuable information and perspectives based on our experience collaborating with other companies, leading to the identification of potential challenges to future success.

Also, Egzakta Advisory experts will ensure the business plan is professionally written and structured, increasing its chances of approval or acceptance.


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