The digital era has brought traditional organisations into a situation where they cannot meet the expectations of modern consumers. Companies that continuously adapt their processes to market demands can expect long-term survival and maintain leadership positions. Therefore, a radical transformation of business processes is necessary.

Consumers expect intuitive interfaces, continuous availability, and personalised treatment without errors. Simple automation of existing processes is not enough. Digital products and services supported by advanced algorithms and full access to information are needed.

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Digital transformation delivers substantial cost savings, especially in processes that require significant information handling. Moreover, software solutions enable swift data collection for performance evaluation and enhanced reporting. This approach is applied on a process-by-process basis, amalgamating traditional redesign methods with agile software development techniques.

Our team of experts boasts extensive experience in business process transformation and software solution development. We are poised to assist you in leveraging the benefits of digitalization to advance your operations. We comprehend the challenges faced by our clients and know how to surmount them. Together, we can craft tailored solutions aligned with your specific needs.

Agile methodology

Flexibility and agility are becoming a new paradigm. However, to ensure high productivity, it is essential to maintain stability in key processes.

Together we can determine optimal agility for each segment through an approach based on understanding, shaping, learning, and adapting. This can include individual teams, smaller processes, projects, production lines, or even complete reshaping of business units.

Egzakta Advisory meets clients' specific requirements regarding agility through innovative tools that enable significantly better functioning than traditional approaches.

Applying the Egzakta Advisory methodology, digitisation of the process with the help of proven tools and models is conducted through four key steps:

1. Mobilisation – Defining the project, plan, organization, objectives, and scope.

2. Analysis – Collection and evaluation of data, workshops with users, analysis, and definition of the final goals of the process

3. Detailed design – Creation of a detailed solution design in terms of the definition of processes and systems for their automation. Impact assessment of changes and implementation strategies

4. Implementation – Prototyping, implementation of solutions, training of users and monitoring of results. The focus on process realisation is constant

The focus on process execution is unwavering. Testing is conducted both during and post-implementation to ensure system functionality and readiness. Through iterative cycles, identified shortcomings are effectively remedied.


Our Experts

Our team of experienced consultants and technology experts possess a comprehensive understanding of the principles of digital transformation. We collaborate closely with clients to co-create and implement sustainable digital solutions that enable evolution into a modern, digital organisation.

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