In periods of economic growth, the best-performing companies strive for constant increases in productivity. Leaders constantly review processes and costs to identify areas for more efficient operations. Cost productivity programs improve margins, revenues, employee engagement, and shareholder return.

The key activities in the cost management process are planning, estimation, budgeting, financing, management, and control. With its holistic and adaptive approach, Egzakta Advisory enables sustainable savings in the entire organisation and continuous improvement of the client's cost management culture.

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The mission of cost management is not solely focused on reducing expenditures; it's about cultivating a strategy that transforms the spending landscape across all organizational sectors. The changes we enact must have a sustainable impact on the company. In collaboration with our clients, we develop clear, actionable strategies that achieve cost savings across virtually all internal functions, thereby facilitating the adoption of a new, optimized resource allocation model.

Through a series of carefully calibrated steps and processes, our approach to cost management maintains team budgets within reasonable limits and optimizes the company's overall expenditures. Our key activities include:


Resource planning

the process of determining future resource needs for an organisation or scope of work, including tools, money, time, equipment, and even team members


Cost estimation

as a predictive process used to quantify and price the resources required for the scope of the investment, activity, or project, that is, how much it will cost to procure them


Cost budgeting

a sub-process within estimation used to allocate estimated resource costs to cost accounts against which cost performance will be measured and evaluated


Cost control

monitoring of costs and performance concerning the plan or budget


Our Experts

Our consultants and experts have expertise in strategic transformation and cost management. We help clients achieve sustainable savings and improve profitability through comprehensive cost and investment optimisation.

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