Financial institutions are constantly looking for effective solutions to make business faster and better. The key to success lies in the digital transformation and innovation of existing services - the focus of our work in the financial sector.

Thanks to our experience and cooperation with companies from various financial activities, such as insurance, banking, factoring, and leasing, we help clients find practical solutions, meet user expectations, and be one step ahead of the competition. Our goal is to provide financial organisations with the expertise and tools necessary for digital transformation and strengthening their competitive position in the market.


In the modern insurance industry, the need for digital innovations, precise analytics, application of artificial intelligence, and a complete understanding of users and their expectations has become an unavoidable standard. When faced with customer expectations for insurance companies to respond more quickly and offer personalised services, the optimal combination of human resources and technological capabilities plays a crucial role in continuous innovation.
Egzakta Advisory is here to support insurance companies in using new digital opportunities, improving customer loyalty, and transforming raw data into analytical information that brings competitive advantages. Our goal is to help you stay one step ahead in the dynamic and competitive environment of the insurance industry.


In the dynamic world of banking, where digital innovation and data analysis are key to success, Egzakta Advisory provides strategic advice and support. Our focus is not only on IT strategy, although we are recognised as leaders in that area; we also develop end-to-end business solutions that enable banks to transform and adapt their operating models.

Our team of experts collaborates with clients to implement modern technologies and provide truly user-centric services. Whether developing a new IT strategy, optimising processes, or personalising services, Egzakta Advisory is here to help banks stay ahead of the ever-changing financial environment.


In a challenging and dynamic financial environment, cash flow stability and efficient collection of receivables become essential for success. By combining strategic thinking, a deep understanding of the economic context, and applying innovative IT solutions, we help organisations implement factoring as a powerful liquidity management tool.

We collaborate with companies that offer factoring services to design, create, and implement all phases of this process, from analysis to successful implementation. Regardless of the size or specifics of your business, Egzakta Advisory is committed to providing solutions that will strengthen your business through strategically focused factoring tailored to your unique needs and market challenges.


Leasing companies face an increasingly demanding and competitive environment, emphasising effective cost control and wise management. In a world where regulations are strict and the business environment is constantly changing, the challenge is to find innovative ways to increase market share and respond effectively to changing market conditions. Egzakta Advisory is here to help with the expertise and experience to enable you to navigate this dynamic environment successfully.

Our role is to understand regulatory constraints and client expectations and provide expert advice that leads to informed and strategic business decisions. We create methodologies and approaches tailored to your unique needs, enabling you to effectively meet challenges and achieve your goals in the leasing industry.


Our Experts

In financial services, our experts support companies in defining strategic directions, developing digital capacities, or achieving a complete transformation. Meet our leadership team for consulting in the financial sector.

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Ivana Višnjić

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Chief Financial Officer

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Senior Manager

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Senior Bookkeeper