Egzakta, about us.

From our inception, our guiding principle has been that consulting is fundamentally a people-driven business. We recognize that our unique approach allows us to shape a better future for our clients with sustainable outcomes.

The capabilities of our team and the integration of cutting-edge technologies into project solutions empower us to execute bold strategies and achieve lasting innovations. Through our work, we aim to be catalysts for positive change, collaborating closely with our clients and partners to elevate their performance and co-create a pathway to a sustainable future.

Our story

Egzakta, founded as a unique partnership grounded in strong values and a commitment to its team, strives to build enduring business relationships with clients based on trust.


Egzakta was established as an accounting firm headquartered in Zemun. Due to its dedicated work with clients, the volume and quality of its business have consistently grown over the years.


With a change in ownership and management structure, and inspired to work collaboratively with our clients to create authentic, impactful, and sustainable solutions in their operations, Egzakta expanded its portfolio by adding advisory services alongside its existing accounting offerings. The accounting function was spun off into a separate entity, Egzakta Accounting.


The core of Egzakta was formed by three partners, each responsible for a specific business segment, divided into three key areas of responsibility: Management Consulting, Financial Consulting, and Business Development.


With the constant expansion of our business areas, our team also grew. Egzakta now employs 7 staff members.


With the intense expansion of its operations, Egzakta found the need to hire an additional 9 people. By the end of 2020, the Egzakta team totaled 16 employees.


The significantly expanded Egzakta team has relocated to a completely new, modernly equipped space in a prime location in New Belgrade. Guided by the belief that our main competitive advantage in this industry lies in our people, the space was designed with special attention to creating an inspiring environment for our employees. In doing so, we encourage them to develop their skills, achieve success, and build long-term relationships with clients. The team continues to grow and now numbers 20 employees.


Thanks to our unique approach, Egzakta became the fastest-growing consulting firm in Southeast Europe during 2022. This rapid growth has also led to further employment opportunities, and the Egzakta team now consists of 23 employees.

Egzakta today

We continue on the path of sustainable and profitable growth that we've defined from day one. By executing a clearly articulated strategy, we are advancing toward our near-term goal—to be among the top three management consulting firms in the region.

Our ambition

Through the continuous cultivation of strong relationships, we strive to create a unique ecosystem that enables our colleagues, clients, and the broader community to grow, achieve success, and reach their full potential by making informed decisions backed by innovative business solutions.

Nenad Tešić


Marko Marković


Zoran Radisavljević


Ivana Višnjić

Junior partner

Ratko Kuprešak

Managing partner in Middle East

Đorđe Lazić

IT Digitalisation Expert

Ljiljana Milić


Srđan Čečarić

Chief Financial Officer

Rajka Šinik Vulić

Corporate Communication Expert

Ljupka Jankov

Senior Manager

Marija Đurović

Senior Manager

Mirjana Lazić


Bojana Šašić


Marko Dadić


Miloš Pavlović

Senior Consultant

Jovana Obradović


Vuk Subotić

Senior Business Analyst

Stevan Masal

Senior Business Analyst

Magdalena Pejović

Senior Business Analyst

Vladimir Pavlović

Business Analyst

Strahinja Stojić

Business Analyst

Petar Sutara

Proposal Analyst

Nikola Petrović

Junior Software Developer

Tijana Ivanović

Digital Media Specialist

Marija Jović


Jovana Knežević

Senior Bookkeeper

Ksenija Stanković


Željana Vujičić

Office Manager

Jelena Mitrović

Office Manager

Our approach

We regard the business we engage in as a very exact category. That is why our work is based on methodology, mathematics, and a "made-to-measure" approach. Thanks to these unique solutions, which are created according to the needs of each individual client, we initiate transformational changes in their operations.

Each of our projects begins in the same manner – by recognizing the fact that every business is unique, possessing its own specificities that must not be overlooked, and that business solutions must be customized to it.

Each project is unique because we approach every client anew, without predefined projects and models. Everything starts with defining a precise hypothesis – what we aim to achieve. Through thorough research, detailed data analysis, and drawing conclusions, we arrive at clear steps and recommendations on how to reach our common goal – results!

The proof that our unique approach is a great recipe for success is the fact that over half of our projects throughout the year come from clients with whom we have already cooperated, and who face a new business challenge they wish to overcome together with us.

Each project follows a relatively simple structure: hypothesis – research – data analysis – findings – conclusion – recommendation. In practical terms, this means that every client receives from us recommendations on what they need to do to achieve the goal defined by the hypothesis. Our engagement does not end with the recommendations; step by step, together with the client, we work towards achieving the final results.

Our Values

What sets us apart are our people and our approach to our work, today, we proudly have


consulting professionals with an average age of



of Egzakta's workforce is highly educated, and


hold MBA degrees


of our employees started their career journey at Egzakta, and


of our workforce is comprised of women.

We believe our people are the critical resource that defines our success. Our values reflect what we, as a company, stand for, while our client approach outlines how we conduct our business.