Major transformation initiatives are a significant challenge for any company. Inconsistency of goals, postponement of decisions, confused delegation of responsibilities, and other problems are obstacles that companies must overcome for the entire organisation to be aligned regarding goals, status, responsibilities, and potential to implement the transformation.

Even for companies that dominate their industries, business restructuring and transformation are crucial to adapting to constantly changing conditions. To help clients de-risk this complex process, Egzakta Advisory consultants combine practical expertise and advisory skills, collaborating closely with clients.

We strive to deliver rapid, visible, and sustainable improvements in business performance, strengthening the organisation and turning potential into significant performance increases for our clients.

Partner for your key challenges

Whether there is a great need to improve financial performance or a desire to reinvent the business to stay ahead of the competition - there are times when a comprehensive transformation program is the only way to go.. .

Egzakta Advisory provides the necessary expertise, tools, and materials to help clients align organisational management with a shared vision of the future and how to achieve it. Our team drives change in all parts of the organisation through innovative solutions, rapid scaling, and building the necessary skills to realise the ambition of new client success.

The key is to create a clear roadmap to guide you through this challenging process with the help of global best practices for transformation. Strategic transformation requires commitment at the highest level, from where, through integrated actions, multi-year plans, and clearly defined investment, implement changes that bring expected results. Small but long-term steps lead to a successful transformation, after which it is necessary to show that the results will be used to win back the market and succeed in the long run.


Our Experts

Our consultants have years of experience in leading global companies and are proven in the successful management of complex transformation projects. Each team member is committed to partnering and creating sustainable change with long-lasting positive effects. We believe that working together can help every organisation develop and realise its vision of success.

Nenad Tešić


Marko Marković


Ivana Višnjić

Junior partner

Ljiljana Milić


Srđan Čečarić

Chief Financial Officer

Ljupka Jankov

Senior Manager

Miloš Pavlović

Senior Consultant

Jovana Obradović


Vuk Subotić

Senior Business Analyst