Technological advancement has profoundly transformed the communications, media, and telecommunications industry. Companies in this industry increasingly rely on new technologies to stay competitive and meet the demands of modern consumers.

Nowadays, success in this industry depends on the ability to swiftly respond to new trends and innovations. Therefore, research and development, as well as intellectual property protection, have become key priorities for telecommunications companies, media houses, and other organizations in this sphere.

Egzakta Advisory has extensive experience working with clients from the communications, media and telecommunications industry. Our consultants assist companies in leveraging new technologies to enhance their operations, increase efficiency and gain better market positioning. We also collaborate on developing innovative products and services tailored to the needs of modern users.


Our Experts

Our top industry experts in communications, media, and telecommunications bring extensive experience and expertise to help companies successfully navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the digital era. We introduce you to our team of leading consultants in this field.

Nenad Tešić


Marko Marković


Marija Đurović

Senior Manager

Bojana Šašić


Miloš Pavlović

Senior Consultant

Jovana Obradović


Vuk Subotić

Senior Business Analyst

Stevan Masal

Senior Business Analyst