The energy sector is facing an accelerated transformation due to the growing need for decarbonisation, the transition to renewable energy sources, and the digital change of business models. To survive in this dynamic environment, energy companies must react quickly through innovation and optimisation.

Some of the key priorities and challenges they face are investing in new, sustainable technologies such as solar and wind energy; improving energy efficiency and reducing losses; digitalising operations and introducing intelligent solutions; developing new services and revenue sources based on data.
Egzakta Advisory has experience in providing strategic and technological consulting to energy companies. We help clients use new technologies to improve efficiency, reduce costs and develop innovative digital services.


Our Experts

Our expert consultants from Egzakta Advisory have a good understanding of the energy sector and experience in areas such as digitalisation, integration of renewable energy sources, efficiency improvement, and restructuring of business models. Our long-term expertise helps companies to successfully transform themselves following the challenges of the modern energy market.

Nenad Tešić


Marko Marković


Ivana Višnjić

Junior partner

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Miloš Pavlović

Senior Consultant