The fast-moving consumer goods sector faces significant challenges due to changes in consumer behaviour, disruptions in supply chains, and global competition. Companies must continuously monitor trends and react quickly to survive in the market through innovation and strengthening digital transformation.

The key to success is a fundamental understanding of consumer needs and wants. Our consultants have the expertise to help companies design successful marketing strategies, improve sales and distribution channels, and position their brands as trustworthy and desirable to today's customers. An always personalised approach helps clients strengthen their competitiveness and achieve sustainable growth locally and globally.


Our Experts

Experts from Egzakta Advisory have the necessary experience and knowledge in this industry to help companies cope with changes in the market and remain competitive. Our expertise includes consumer analysis, innovation, digital transformation, sales optimisation, brand strengthening, and other vital areas. Meet the leading members of our team specialised in this sector.

Nenad Tešić


Marko Marković


Ivana Višnjić

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Bojana Šašić


Jovana Obradović