The success of companies, and for most of them, survival in the years ahead will depend on increasing performance, entering new markets, and optimising commercial performance and user experience. That is why our work focuses on the entire spectrum of business within the sales sector - from strategy to the simplest operations.

Everything that comes out of these efforts is tailored to each client's unique challenges with a focus on achieving long-term competitive advantage and successfully transforming sales into a sector that delivers results on a sustainable basis.

When sales teams are provided with adequate tools and technologies, operational activities are optimised, and the necessary support is created for fully transparent and efficient implementation of their business processes.

Partner for your key challenges

Through an integrated approach to system problems, all its parts are analysed to define the sales organisation's future role precisely. Through our work, we strive to maximise the value of activities in this sphere of business and answer the following main questions:

  • How to differentiate yourself in the market?
  • How to manage a wide range of sales channels in an integrated way, including direct and indirect sales in online and offline channels?
  • How to manage different offers and customer portfolios?
  • When to focus on cross-department sales and when not?
  • How to take advantage of cross-selling opportunities?
  • How to define sales channels so that ideas and feedback from customers constantly feed new product development ideas?

The result of the process in which we collaborate very closely with clients is an improved position on the market, the application of adequate strategies for segmentation, determination of customer potential, changes in the way of interaction with customers, reduction of the complexity of sales activities while increasing agility and speed in the entire process.

By analysing the productivity of their marketing and sales capabilities, companies tend to discover areas in which they are a step ahead or behind their competition.

Egzakta Advisory works with its clients to analyse the world's best practices and to define benchmarks so that clients can compare their performance, internally, at the company and employee level, and externally. Thus, key areas that need to be improved are identified.

When developing a sales strategy, one goes through 4 main topics:


Why should changes be introduced?

We define the trends that determine the market's future, the oscillations of supply and demand in the coming years and potential scenarios for the entire industry.


In which markets should it play?

Which segments will maximise profits and what is the competitive position in the target segments considering the goals in each market segment are the answers we seek.


How to win?

What products, service levels and sales channels in different markets are needed to reach the goals effectively?


How to think in the long run??

We indicate the long-term improvements of the transformation and the time needed to achieve the goals.

After identifying shortcomings and determining areas for improvement, we achieve better sales productivity by optimising planning, introducing strategic guidelines for improvement, choosing the structure of the market entry model, as well as analysing the sales organisation.

To achieve all this, keeping in mind the unique requirements of each organisation, our solutions:

  • Restructuring and optimizing sales processes to eliminate bottlenecks and increase productivity
  • Implementing modern tools and technologies for the automation and digitalization of routine sales activities
  • Strengthening analytical capabilities for data-driven decision-making on performance metrics
  • Adapting organizational structure and reward systems to encourage proactivity and customer focus
  • Continuous investment in training and skills development of the sales team in alignment with changing environments
  • Redesigning the product/service portfolio and sales channels to meet market demands


Our Experts

Our experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of existing sales performance and collaborate closely with clients to understand their unique challenges. We then develop customized, innovative solutions tailored to each individual business. Our goal is to elevate every aspect of our clients' sales operations through a multidisciplinary approach and ongoing support, thereby aiding them in achieving exceptional results.

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