The healthcare industry faces both challenges and opportunities due to rapid technological advances, changing regulations, and increased competition. Management consulting is crucial in supporting healthcare institutions to achieve sustainable growth.

Egzakta Advisory provides consulting services to improve the work of institutions in the healthcare field. We focus on identifying critical areas for optimisation, and innovation, respecting the interests of all stakeholders. Our team of experts provides clear guidelines for reducing costs, improving service quality, and adopting new technologies.

Egzakta Advisory's clients receive support in creating long-term strategies for business transformation. Our commitment and expertise enable the improvement of efficiency and the achievement of better business results. We become a key partner in achieving goals and contribute to the healthcare industry's progress for the benefit of all its stakeholders.


Our Experts

Our experts with proven experience in healthcare support clients in accelerating innovation, improving digital transformations, and optimising business processes. Egzakta Advisory's healthcare consulting leadership team is dedicated to helping institutions achieve sustainable growth and become leaders in the dynamic healthcare industry.

Marko Marković


Ivana Višnjić

Junior partner

Ljiljana Milić


Mirjana Lazić


Marko Dadić


Jovana Obradović


Magdalena Pejović

Senior Business Analyst