A unique dynamic character and rapid changes characterise the IT industry. Companies from various sectors face the challenges of exponential growth and development every day. In this context, digitisation and information technologies have become indispensable to every modern organisation.

Efficient storage, processing, and exchange of data and information are just some of the advantages of digitisation, which results in better organisation, faster processes, and integration of entire systems. For IT companies to adapt to the market and potential clients quickly and efficiently, they must keep up with the latest trends, which means switching to new technologies, cloud, and AI solutions, while continuously strengthening the security of their users and clients.

Our team of experts helps companies to manage costs effectively, transform business through digital solutions, identify new IT opportunities for growth, expand their business, and stay one step ahead of the competition. With the support of Egzakta Advisory, clients can achieve sustainable results and remain leaders in this dynamic IT sector.


Our Experts

Our agile approach in the IT services sector aims to achieve results and maximise the IT industry's potential. Meet our leadership team, who specialise in this field.

Marko Marković


Ivana Višnjić

Junior partner

Ljiljana Milić


Marija Đurović

Senior Manager

Marko Dadić


Miloš Pavlović

Senior Consultant