Nenad Tešić

Time traveling into the future: take a peek at what awaits us in 2024 and laugh Instead of crying

We will confront challenges of economic instability, potential political changes, and rapid technological advancements...

Nenad Tešić


Ahead lies a period of slow stabilization, if not an upturn

Recent predictions of global trends for 2024 have placed a heavy burden on me. Like many of you, I miss the stability and predictability of times past. We are entering an era of permanent change and surprises, not just in our personal lives but all aspects of society.

Economically speaking, we are facing a period of slow stabilization, if not an upturn, after a deep recession triggered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experts warn that the crisis will last much longer than initially expected. Inflation will erode the average worker's wages, while the wealthy will become even more prosperous. Energy prices will continue to rise, pushing the cost of living higher.

Inflation hits the poorest hardest as their expenses increase faster than their incomes. On the other hand, the wealthy find it easier to weather the wave of price hikes and even increase their wealth as they own what others have to buy. This creates a vicious cycle of poverty that is increasingly difficult to break out of.

On the international stage, a widening gap between leading powers is expected. Trade and diplomatic conflicts between the US and China will escalate to a breaking point.

Right-wing parties will take control in many countries, including some of our neighbors, destabilizing relations and escalating tensions.

Paradoxically, despite all the troubles we are going through, the world of technology is flourishing at an unstoppable pace. Artificial intelligence and automation are changing the nature of work as we know it.

The economy in 2024 will be based on 5G networks, unmanned vehicles, and machine communication. Will this lead to even greater inequality and alienation among people?

The entire world awaits the release of the Apple VR/AR headset and the enormous potential that has been announced, which will likely find widespread use in business, improving productivity in numerous fields such as design and 3D modeling, architecture and interior design, marketing, training, education, strategic planning, and video conferencing.

Apple will undoubtedly provide an ecosystem of tools, software, and services that will benefit business users of VR/AR technology in their daily operations.

When I look at social trends, I wonder if we, as a civilization, have stepped toward self-destruction. The aging population is paralyzing developed countries. Young generations suffer from anxiety, depression, and a sense of meaninglessness. Social divisions are deepening to the point of combustion. We're all waiting for the slightest reason to erupt into violence.

Extreme weather events ravage the planet with unprecedented frequency and strength in history. Oceans are warming, glaciers are melting, and wildfires are consuming entire landscapes. Yet, we are still arguing about whether we impact the climate and what actions we can take about it.

Whether aware or not, we shape the future through our daily actions. It's time to pause and reconsider the direction we're heading in as individuals and as a community. To slow down the relentless race for profit and reputation.

Haven't we learned that the actual quality of life lies in interconnectedness, empathy, and harmony with nature? As a civilization, we must make critical decisions now if we want our children to inherit the world they deserve. Change begins from within.

And what specific steps can companies take to contribute to a more socially responsible future

  • Operate ethically and transparently - without corruption, consumer fraud, or violations of regulations;
  • Minimize adverse impacts on the environment through recycling and reducing gas emissions;
  • Implement inclusive HR policies that encourage diversity and ensure the inclusion of all groups of workers;
  • Invest a portion of profits in philanthropic causes in local communities;
  • Introduce innovations that promote sustainable energy sources, paperless operations, or pollution reduction;
  • Continuously invest in the education and motivation of employees to develop and realize their full potential;
  • Develop products and services that support everyday human health and overall quality of life;
Healthier and more humane companies today mean a better world tomorrow. Every contribution matters.